We scoured the Internet to put together this stylish selection of sharky statement pieces you will always love. Enjoy!
Shark Tooth Ring from Max And Chloe > Shark Suit from minimarket > Sally The Shark ring from Noir Jewelry
Shark Jaws Charm Necklace from Evelyn Mae Creations > Shark Tooth Wrap Around Bracelet from Charlie and Marcelle
Woman’s Shark Paratrooper Top Secret Project T Shirt from Last Earth > Shark-print merino wool scarf fromVirginia Johnson > Bowtie for Little Boys Blue Sharks from Me&Matilda > Baby Shark Teeth Oval Hoops byMixology NYC
Super rad Shark Swimsuit > What are you doing for Shark Week pin from Alison Books
Shark Opener Necklace from CXXV > Ladyshark Bra > Dangling Shark Tooth Bracelet from Anarchy Street

A Shark in my soup from Apostolos Porsanidis > Shark Pillowcase from Royalcane
I love you more than Shark Week cards from Sweet Dee

Thank you ! http://livefastmag.com/2011/08/shark-inspired-fashion/


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