Embroidered jacket sleeve

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Embroidered jacket sleeve

Dries Van Noten really knows his embroidery. He always delivers a collection filled with folklore 
detailing and decorated surfaces in modern forms and styling. 
But this post is not about his latest collection. It´s about a parka jacket he made in his Fall 2010 collection
that became a fashion classic. It also had so much DIY potential.
 Even after three years the distressed cargo jacket / parka with beautiful stud and metallic embroidered 
embellishment looks fresh. Most of these images are from Free People. 
They have now a similar jacket in their collection and I think it is a better reference for DIY purposes.

The technique for this is braid embroidery in which you first sketch the pattern on to a piece 
of velvet or wool fabric. Then you pin and hand sew the braided decorative ribbons onto it. 
If pinning is too difficult, try hot gluing it on with a few drops so the ribbons stay in place while you sew them on. 
Finally cut the outer shape and sew it on to the jacket sleeves.

         Van Noten ทุกคนต่างรู้จักกันดีในเรื่องของงาน เย็บปักถักร้อย ของเขา เขามักจะนำเสนอ คอลเลคชั่นที่ได้มาจากการประยุกต์ ศิลปะพื้นบ้าน
รายละเอียด และ การตกแต่ง บนเนื้อผ้า ผสมผสานในรูปแบบสมัยใหม่ แต่ภาพเหล่านี้ไม่ใช่งานคอเลคชั่นล่าสุด แต่งานคอเลคชั่นนี้ คืองาน
ที่ แจ็คเก๊ตของปาร์คก้า  ที่ได้ทำไว้ในปี 2010 และนั้นกลับมาเป็น แฟชั่นที่คลาสิคอีกครั้ง และส่วนมาเป็นงานที่ทำขึ้นมาเองได้ 
ถึงแม้ว่าหลังจากนั้น 3 ปี the distressed cargo jacket / ปาร์คก้า กับงานเย็บปักถักร้อย สตัด และ แมทาริค ที่สวยงามของเขา
และการตกแต่งเครื่องประดับที่สวยงาม มีความ สดใสมีชีวิตชีวาอีกครั้ง ในภาพเหล่านี้ล้วนได้มาจากบุคคนทั่วไป ที่มีเสื้อแจ็คเก็ต คล้ายๆ ปาร์คก้า
      เทคนิค สำหรับ การเย็บปักเชือกเปีย ในตอนแรก เราควรจะ ร่างภาพบนพื้นผ้าฝ้าน หรือ ผ้าขนแกะ และเริ่มเย็บมือ เส้นเปีย บนผ้าที่เราต้องการ
ถ้าเย็บมันยากเกินไป เราสามารถใช้ปืนกาวติดกับเชือกเปีย เพื่อให้งานอยู่ตามที่ ที่เราต้องการ และสุดท้ายก็ตัดผ้า เส้นรอบนอก และ

Jacket details at Free People:


STYLING Grand Bazaar


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STYLING Grand Bazaar

Superb styling with metallic fashions, nepalese traditional jewelry and handcrafted traditional interior textiles.

Photography by Begum Yetis
Styling by Dilara Fındıkoglu
Hair by Tayfun Kaydok
Makeup by Ufuk Celep
Model(s) Kat Cordts @ Joy Models Istanbul

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Colours Moving into Fall 2013

By Cynthia Unninayar
In the winter edition of CIJ Trends & Colours, our annual trends tracker guide, we talked about the top ten trends in fine jewellery for 2013 as well as the top ten colours in fashion for Spring 2013 as forecast by the Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2013. On these pages, we continue with a look at the versatility of jewellery and how many of this year’s pieces so closely align with Pantone’s main fashion colour directions for Fall 2013.
Crivelli, Antonini, Gemfields Emerald, Carla Amorim, Muzo International Emerald, Faberge
Crivelli, Antonini, Gemfields Emerald, Carla Amorim, Muzo International Emerald, Faberge
Saunder by Emily Saunder using Pantone Emerald. The color of the year, multi-faceted Emerald continues 
to sparkle and fascinate, bringing luxury and elegance to the palette.
Denise James,Jochen Pohl, Michael Endlich, Rodney Rayner, Gordon Aatlo, J Jewels Milano, Syna
Denise James,Jochen Pohl, Michael Endlich, Rodney Rayner, Gordon Aatlo, J Jewels Milano, Syna
Hervé Léger by Lubov Azria using Pantone Linden Green. This colour brings a lightness and brightness to the deeper shades of fall.
bellarri, Arunashi, Penny Preville, Georland, Suzy Landa
bellarri, Arunashi, Penny Preville, Georland, Suzy Landa
Tadashi Shoji using Pantone Vivacious, an unruly and wildly deep fuchsia, which adds an ebullient sensuality to the palette.
Vianna, Opera Omnia, Nouvelle Bague, Yvel, Sandy Leong
Vianna, Opera Omnia, Nouvelle Bague, Yvel, Sandy Leong
Steven Alan using Pantone Carafe, a rich, glamorous brown that pairs gracefully with more expressive colors within the palette.
MVee, Jack Kelege, Clementina Duarte, Oro Trend, OMI Gems
MVee, Jack Kelege, Clementina Duarte, Oro Trend, OMI Gems
Rachel Roy using Pantone Samba, a red offering an expressive and dramatic look.
Anzie, Bavna, Cris Porto, Luca Carati, Alice K, Sharart
Anzie, Bavna, Cris Porto, Luca Carati, Alice K, Sharart
Jenny Packham using Pantone Mykonos Blue, a bold, meditative blue, for a classic and relaxed Fall look.
Vianna, Daniel Espinosa, Carelle, Leaderline, Kavant
Vianna, Daniel Espinosa, Carelle, Leaderline, Kavant
Lela Rose using Pantone Koi. A decorative orange with dazzling and shimmering qualities, Koi is a statement color that serves as a pick-me-up for your wardrobe.
Katie Decker, Utopia, Sharart, Pamela Huizenga, Robert Wan, J Jewels Milano
Katie Decker, Utopia, Sharart, Pamela Huizenga, Robert Wan, J Jewels Milano
Pamella Roland by Pamella DeVos using Pantone Deep Lichen Green, a naturally lush shade of green.
Bibigi, Delance, Ole Lynggaard, Boheme, Thistle & Bee, MCL, Isabelle Langlois
Bibigi, Delance, Ole Lynggaard, Boheme, Thistle & Bee, MCL, Isabelle Langlois
Trina Turk using Pantone Acai, an exotic colour that adds mystery and richness to the palette, and can be incorporated with the other colours to create a number of powerful Fall combinations.
Adami & Martucci, Todd Reed, Jorge Revilla, Revabella, Suzanne Kalan, KC Design
Adami & Martucci, Todd Reed, Jorge Revilla, Revabella, Suzanne Kalan, KC Design
Tia Cibani using Pantone Turbulence, a dark mercurial gray, with a touch of Carafe, a rich, glamorous brown. These neutrals provide more interesting and sophisticated alternatives to the black basics usually worn in colder months.
Fashion sketches and colours are courtesy of Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2013.

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Jess Eaton couture

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Jess Eaton couture

Have a look at these images. Gorgeous creations, aren´t they? Fur, feathers, leather and skulls. 
The basis of pretty much any Alexander McQueen collection. But these aren´t regular fashions. 
Most of these are made from animals rabbits, birds, squirrels and foxes, that died by the hand of man, 
or a car to be exact. You call them also road kill.

Jess Eaton’s Roadkil Couture collection features weird items and accessories, like a necklace made from with
 the skulls of 12 dead pheasants, a bolero jacked made from the furs of 50 white rats eaten by her friend’s reptile,
 or a hat made from four magpie wings, but the designer claims she’s not out to shock the world. Sure, 
some of her pieces look like something only Lady Gaga would dare wear,
 but Jess Eaton says her creations are only meant to be beautiful, not outrageous. 
While other women would probably flinch at the sight of a dead animal, Jess is more than happy to pick it up, 
skin it herself and use its various body parts in her unique fashion item. 

Embellished Collar DIY..


embellished collar diy

Collars and embellished collars have been making their rounds on the internet and blogs for the past couple of years now. I think we can point our fingers at Miu Miu and their pretty kitty & swallow collars for starting the trend. But because I thought I saw so many refashioned collars and collar necklaces floating around, I purposely did not do a DIY for one. You know I don't like to be a copycat. Apparently however, a Look 4 Less reader was on the hunt for a DIY embellished collar and couldn't find any that suited her. So I offered a hand and thought I'd give it my own spin using faux pearls, vintage rhinestone earrings & buttons, as well as vintage aurora borealis beads from an old broken necklace {as I did for my encrusted V-neck DIY}. Rather than cluttering up the entire collar though, I created a pretty visual pattern that begins on one side and ends on the other.

*NOTE* Once embellished, your shirt will have to be dry-cleaned or carefully hand-washed and hung dry. It's the price you pay for fashion OR you can also choose to remove your collar entirely from the rest of the blouse and wear it as a necklace of sorts, pairing it with any outfit you like.

Here's What You'll Need...

1 embellished collar diy

* A blouse with a nice collar. Mine is blush/pink that I found at a thrift shop, with a nice sturdy collar that will keep its shape even with the weight of the embellishments. You can see me wearing it here in 2010 with under the collar necklaces.

Faux pearls in 2-3 sizes. I also used a craft strand to save a little time. Rhinestone buttons, beads, earrings... whatever you like really, that you can hand-stitch on.

* Needle/Thread/Scissors


2 embellished collar diy -rhinestones-1

* First, visually lay out your largest pearls or precious findings. Other than the vintage rhinestone earrings dangling from the ends, I chose not to match the two sides. Carefully hand stitch each into place {but not onto your shirt below}.

3 embellished collar diy -pearls-2

* Using medium sized pearls or beads, begin filling in the spaces in between. Then with the smallest beads or pearls, filling in the even smaller spaces.

4embellished collar diy -pearls and beads-3

* Adding large, medium, and small beads, pearls, and rhinestones gives it depth and texture.

5 embellished collar diy -4

* Continue overlapping and filling in the blanks until you have a finished look you are pleased with.

*NOTE* Mine has a "dipped" feeling which I really love... but you may choose to embellish just the tips, just the edges, sporadically overall, or clustered entirely. You can also choose to add chains, studs, sequins, or even just cover your collar in an already-embellished ribbon. It's up to you ;)


Embellished collar diy - pink and gray

embellished collar diy

Have Fun!


Napoleon Entering Cairo Statue Available At Rau Antiques


Napoleon Entering Cairo Statue Available At Rau Antiques

There is an almost eerie quality to this one of a kind custom made statue depicting Napoleon Bonaparte as he enters Cario during his campaign in Egypt. The small statue was made by famed French artist Jean-Léon Gérôme as a smaller version of a larger bronze statue. It was made around 1897. The statue is done in an ancient style known as "chryselephantine." The inner part of the statue is wood, while it is overlaid with gold and ivory. Ivory is used for Napoleon's face to simulate a more realistic flesh like look. The statue is about 16 and a half inches high.

Gerome, the artist, favored such older Roman and Greek sculpting techniques. The original bronze statue was bought by the French government for public display. This work is an amazing historical reference as well as example of neo-classic revival in the 19th century that has since never been better. Price is $198,000 at Rau Antiques. Learn more here.

Ariel Adams publishes the luxury watch reviews site aBlogtoRead.com.

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