Historically, the seven deadly sins, also known as the ’capital vices’ or ’cardinal sins’, were used to educate and instruct the religious on the fall of man and humanity’s inescapable penchant for sin. The sevendeadly sins were thought to be the origin of all other sin.
The Catholic doctrine of fear imposed by sin’s Seven Deadly was appropriated by artists and has since  been pop-culturalised into paint, pencil, film, words, music, mass murder (depending on your perception of artof course) and jewellery. Artists have used the sins to moralise, to rationalise and to propagandise but none has offered quite so ironic an interpretation as jewellery designer Stephen Webster.
What better way to acknowledge one’s innate sinfulness than to adorn oneself in debauchery.  Stephen Webster has imagined into being a stunning ring collection that basks in the hedonism instigated by the deadliest of all sin. Using the literal, the metaphoric and the idiomatic, Webster’s rings encourage the wearer to indulge in sinful pleasures with unashamed decadence. The delicate exquisiteness of the “seven deadly sins” ring collection alludes to the actuality of an acute imagination and talent for awe-inspiring craftsmanship. Webster’s art beautifies that which is ugly; it makes magnificent that which is shunned. It’s social commentary worn with a bold sense of blasphemous burlesque.
Immerse yourself in the splendour:
LUST – A desire that burns, inciting desperate hands to grasp gratuitously. (18ct White Gold Ring, pave set with White Diamonds and Tanzanite.)
SLOTH – A plush pink pillow of passivity absorbs wasted talents and gifts. (18ct Yellow Gold Ring, pave set with White Diamonds, Blue Topaz and Enamel Inlay.)
WRATH – Red rage is offered in a guise by the hand that provokes the spark. 18ct Rose Gold Ring, set with White Diamonds, Rubies and Red Garnet.
GREED – For the love of money is the root of all evil. 18ct Yellow Gold Ring, pave set with White Diamonds.
GLUTTONY – In its gaping glory the gargantuan mouth remains unsatisfied. 18ct White Gold Ring, pave set with Rubies, White Agate Inlay and Fire Opal.
PRIDE – The proud peacock ruffles its royal feathers. Blue Titanium Ring, set with White Diamonds, Pink Sapphires and Amethyst.
ENVY – The green eye of envy is all seeing. (18ct White Gold Ring, pave set with Black and White Diamonds, Tsavorites and Green Tourmaline.)



10 places to find inspiration

Most of my inspiration comes from the internet. I browse through thousands of images 
in a week at fashion runway collection sites, Tumblr, Pinterest and Bloglovin. 
Because of this I have about 50000 inspiration images saved on my laptop and it is
 an easy place to start a project. 
1. Coffee shop
Have a cup and just watch people. Listen to their stories and read a book or a fashion magazine. 
Use the time away from your laptop to draw something or just scribble to your note book. 

2. Museums
I´ve always loved museums. My favorite place in Helsinki in the Natural History museum. 
Stuffed animals, the bone collection and thousands of insects. Just walk, photograph, 
study and admire the wonderful design style (shapes, colors and textures) of nature. 
Some people rather see these things in the woods, I´ll take my walk inside the stone halls.

3. Library
What they don´t have, you probably don´t need. Books with pictures, books with 
poetry or unbelievable fairytales, beautiful illustrations. Also the silence of 
a library is a good distraction from your normal hectic 
life and give that boost of concentration you need for your project.

4. A random walk / bike ride / road trip
Take your camera and go explore your neighborhood. Walk/bike to places 
you´ve never been before. Flip a coin to turn left or right. Take pictures of 
everything on the way. Geo-tag them so you find them again 
if needed. If you´re lucky you might find a new interesting shops or stumble
upon a trash container for some  unscheduled dumpster diving. If nothing else, 
you get some fresh air to clear your thoughts. Remember good 
shoes and a bag for found treasures.

5. Second hand shops
I´m sure your neighborhood has second hand shops that you´ve never visited. Take a day, 
mark them all to a map and take a tour. Try on everything red.

6. Antique stores
Every town should have an antique shop that sells curiosities. We have one in Helsinki
I love the guy who runs it and it is a good spot for something extraordinary. And a cup of tea.

7. (Old) book shop
If the library is the place for finding information on newer things, the old book shop is good 
for some vintage flair. I usually look up old comics, 60´s trash novels, biology and 
nature books (for graphics) and art books. 

8. Art exhibition
Art inspires me. I study the compositions and colors. Especially humoristic art 
made with recycled materials is a good place for a trashionista to get going. 
I feel many people are affraid of art as they feel they should have an educated opinion on it.
9. The hardware store
I adore hardware stores. They are filled with small metal knick knacks and other useful glue
 / paint / plastic / chain thingies that I have no idea what they should be used for. 
But I can think of a few other places to put them, like clothes and accessories. 

10. Beyond your comfort zone
Most of the good stuff happens outside your comfort zone. Do something that scares
(but does not stress) you break a routine. The feeling that you get from achieving 
something (could be a small thing) 
you didn't think you´d do is such a rush and very good for inspiration!

thank you http://www.outsapop.com  give me the inspiration :) 

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