Jess Eaton couture

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Jess Eaton couture

Have a look at these images. Gorgeous creations, aren´t they? Fur, feathers, leather and skulls. 
The basis of pretty much any Alexander McQueen collection. But these aren´t regular fashions. 
Most of these are made from animals rabbits, birds, squirrels and foxes, that died by the hand of man, 
or a car to be exact. You call them also road kill.

Jess Eaton’s Roadkil Couture collection features weird items and accessories, like a necklace made from with
 the skulls of 12 dead pheasants, a bolero jacked made from the furs of 50 white rats eaten by her friend’s reptile,
 or a hat made from four magpie wings, but the designer claims she’s not out to shock the world. Sure, 
some of her pieces look like something only Lady Gaga would dare wear,
 but Jess Eaton says her creations are only meant to be beautiful, not outrageous. 
While other women would probably flinch at the sight of a dead animal, Jess is more than happy to pick it up, 
skin it herself and use its various body parts in her unique fashion item. 


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