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PANDORA’s philosophy is to create beautiful jewellery that inspires individuality and celebrates life’s unforgettable moments. The signature charm bracelet has driven the brand’s success with uniquely designed charms featuring pearls, gemstones, Murano glass and colourful enamel accents adorning the bracelets. The bracelet reflects a woman’s story, a concept which lies at the heart of Pandora. The romance and sentiment that are evoked through the creation of  their own bespoke pieces mean that her jewellery is unique, personal and precious. It is the story that these jewels tell that captures the unforgettable moment which, Pandora say, is a moment worth sharing.
Pandora designer jewelry Adorn London
 A household brand name and the talk of the school playground, what is it about Pandora that makes it a jewellery brand that  tops the wishlists of most of the people I meet? Mikkel Berg, Pandora’s Global Marketing Director, talks to Adorn London.
 Pandora designer jewelry Adorn London
Juliet: There are many brands jumping on the ‘PANDORA’ band wagon, how do you stay ahead of the pack?
MikkelOur design integrity, fantastic craftsmanship, accessible price points and a genuine passion for what we do.  PANDORA is a truly affordable luxury brand and our prices reflect this.  As such, women can afford to buy our jewellery regularly as a gift for themselves or as a special treat.  We have also increased the number of PANDORA stores in prime locations throughout the UK, allowing us to be even more accessible to our customers.
Juliet: How would you describe your customer? Is your marketing focus targeted at men or women?
Mikkel: The PANDORA woman is creative and stylish.  She loves talking about her jewellery and sharing the precious moments that each piece symbolises.  Although we are an affordable luxury brand, we are not distant or unattainable – we are very proud to be a social brand where our customers can share their stories and their own creativity.  Although we have a female-only product offering, men are obviously also important to PANDORA as gift-buyers.  To facilitate this, we encourage women to create an online wishlist and share it with their friends, family and partners.  As such, men will always be able to buy the special women in their lives the perfect gift that they know their partner will love and cherish.

 Pandora designer jewelry Adorn London
Juliet:  How closely are you looking at global fashion trends? In your view, is there a synergy between fashion and jewellery?
Mikkel:  The collaboration between jewellery and fashion is integral. At PANDORA, we always consider trends and colours; however, jewellery has a longevity that outlasts fashion and we are very mindful of this. Although we are not a fashion label, we are a powerful brand and our products are symbiotic with trends that every stylish woman desires, therefore we make trends accessible for all women. 
Juliet:  I have spoken about the ‘PANDORA Phenomenon’ before; how are you set to gain greater market share in the coming years?
Mikkel:  By continuing to build brand awareness in the UK and educating people about PANDORA. It is crucial for us to emphasise that our products are high-quality, hand-finished, modern, and most importantly, that they are made of genuine precious metals and gemstones. We will continue to create fresh and exciting campaigns that will enable us to reach an even wider audience. Our newer core product lines, in particular our Ring upon Ring collection, and our Black Crown Diamond Watches, again encourage women to create their own unique style, by stacking different rings together and varying interchangeable watch straps and bezels for completely different looks.
Juliet:  Does PANDORA’s marketing strategy or innovative product design take priority when thinking about growing your global market?
Mikkel:  We are really focusing on alignment this year.  All elements of the business are working together in unison to create the PANDORA message. The sharing between our customers is a global position and this is demonstrated on Facebook. Today, we have over 237,000 highly engaged fans on our page; every day these women are interacting with each other and the brand – discussing their new purchases, their stories and sharing photographs of the styles they have created. In this respect, PANDORA is in a unique position; few brands today inspire this level of engagement with their customers.
 'Moments' bracelet by Pandora Adorn London Jewelry Trends
Juliet:  Was there a particular collection that really put PANDORA on the jewellery map?
Mikkel:  The Moments bracelet – it allows the recipient to express her individuality, creativity and is collectable over time. These characteristics have been applied to our other collections such as Compose for earrings, Black Crown Diamond Watches and our Ring upon Ring collections. This concept has marked the constant evolution of everyday women expressing themselves, networking and ‘wearing their life’.
Juliet:  Would you consider celebrity endorsement and designer collaborations?
Mikkel:   PANDORA does not have a face of the brand as PANDORA encompasses and appeals to so many different and unique women. We consider it when establishing charitable links, but celebrity endorsement is not a primary focus for us.
Juliet:  Do you have one word that can sum up the PANDORA success story?
Mikkel:  Moments – the brand is all about celebrating joyful, special and unforgettable moments in a woman’s life.
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