Autumn in my heart

Hi everyone  a long time no see you 
I have to  pass on knowledge for today. I have to created new necklace ummm concept about autumn cause in Australia will be autumn in next month that is why I have to try to create something with the weather. :):):) 
and  I'm try to drawing a girl with my necklace lol this is the first time i'm drawing picture of a girl and I think i'll be drawing with my jewelry in the future ^_____^ 
we have to prepare 
  1. rope
  2. Black bead 0.5-0.8 cm
  3. Bead copper color (if you don't have can use another ) 
  4. Bead leaf shape
  5. Hook for the end of necklace 
start !!!!!! you have to specification for the necklace but for me measure with my neck. anything you want  can do it and should have  6-8 rope
after that  you have to  bind a knot for block a black bead
keep on for bind a knot  till finish every rope 
and the last  you have to put  Hook for the end of necklace.........



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