Peacock Noueau

Peacock Nouveau

My obsession with all things Art Nouveau is the likely culprit behind my love of peacocks. From the 1880's to the 1901's, Art Nouvveau was an attempt to redefine the meaning and nature of art (making the duty of art not to overlook any everyday object, no matter how utilitarian it might be). The result was a merging of fact and fiction, overlayed with impeccable attention to detail.

Jewelry of the Art Nouveau period revitalized the jeweler's art, with nature as the principal source of inspiration, complemented by new levels of virtuosity in enameling and the introduction of new materials, such as opals and semi-precious stones. Principal subjects were lavish birds and flowers, insects and polyformic femme fatale. But, it's the peacock that keeps my coming back for more.

Peacock Collection Ring by Barbara Bixby ~ Silver Peacock Branch Ring
Craftsman Topaz Peacock Ring ~ Multi-Gemstone Peacock Ring

Peacock Ring by Mars & Valentine ~ Peridot Peacock Ring by Pade Vavra
Labrodite Peacock Ring by Pippa Small ~ Wind River Headdress Ring by Pade Vavra

Peacock Ring by Hot Cakes ~ Art Nouveau Peacock Ring at missmisa.com
Majestic Turquoise Peacock Ring ~ Onyx Peacock Ring by Amy Kahn Russell


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