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Which is your favourite?! I thought it was about time I shared my resources of lots of tutorials and ideas for ladies for Christmas. Of course I can't share what I am making for people as my family read this blog! Well, my mum and aunt and then Facebook notifies my cousin so I have to keep those private or share them all on boxing day and the week after Christmas! Anywho.... Onto the pretty necklace DIYs. 

I love this anthropologie inspired necklace (no.3, the middle in the column of 3) I'm giving the
Pinterest link if you want to repin and the direct link.

1. Anthropologie geological spectrum necklace tutorial Pinterest Link | Direct Link 

2. Anthropologie cameo collage necklace tutorial Pinterest Link | Direct Link

3. Anthropologie power of three necklace tutorial Pinterest Link | Direct Link 

4. Fabric flower necklace DIY tutorial Pinterest Link | Direct Link

DIY necklace tutorial

I love this Peter pan pearl collar and the last brooch rope necklace.

1. Peter pan collar necklace tutorial Pinterest Link | Direct Link 

2. Layered pearl necklace tutorial Pinterest Link | Direct Link 

3. Anthropologie lace flower necklace tutorial Pinterest Link | Direct Link 

4. Anthropologie Majorelle Necklace knockoff DIY tutorial Pinterest Link | Direct Link . I think this one is my favourite

1. Martha Stewart Brooch Necklace DIY Tutorial Pinterest Link | Direct Link 

2. Beaded Braided Necklace DIY Tutorial Pinterest Link | Direct Link 

3. Fabric Scrap and Bead Necklace DIY Tutorial Pinterest Link | Direct Link 

4. Tom Binns (i don't know who that is but its a very elaborate DIY Necklace tutorial!) Pinterest Link | Direct Link 

1. Ribbon Necklace DIY Tutorial Pinterest Link | Direct Link 
2. Upcycled Silk Scarf Necklace DIY Pinterest Link | Direct Link 
3. Boden Boulevard Necklace Tutorial  Pinterest Link | Direct Link 
4. This one is my cousins favourite because it would be quite light. Of course when I repined this there was an error! So Ive found a tutorial to make the little rosettes. When you make them; arrange them how you like, attach to felt with hot glue and attach to chain. Simples!


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