Winter season !!!!

Wraps, shawls, shrugs, capes... Fall is here.

Asymmetric shoulder piece by Tamilyn.

Shrugs and capes are an essential piece to fall wardrobe in any season and trend. I´m obsessed about them at the moment. They are relatively easy to make. You´ll need a oval or retangle shaped piece of knit or fabric, fold it from the centre and sew 8 inches (40cm) from the edges to the centre to make the sleaves. Capes on the other hand need hardly any pattern making and use simple fastenings. Volanges and ruffles always look stylis on these. Most shrugs are fast to make from fabrics and recycled sweater pieces so they make an exellent addition to your shops collection or wardrobe. Like shoes and bags, you need a few to be worn in different occations. Below some fabulous shoulder fashions I found from Etsy. Inspirational styles and cuts that can be made from various materials for different dressing styles. Crochet tablecloths for romantics, chunky knits for chilly evenings, corduroy and woolfabrics for steampunks, old 70´s curtains for retros... What ever you have laying around a couple of feet or square metres.

Striped capelet by caramia1313.

Poinsettia Cardigan by Adarie. I just bought this one :)

Kimono Jacket by Liza Rietz.

Shrug and neckpiece by Flutter.

Bright orange ruffle caplet shrug by NewFashionedWhispers

Plaid woolfabric capelet by Sunflowerdesign.

Plaid wool shawl by design7. Made from a 360 degrees round piece trimmed with hand-knitted black wool edge.

Felted capelet by FeltedFinery. Made from a handfelted recycled sweater.

Capeled covered with round wool fabric pieces to create a ruffle surface by Holly Stalder.

Wool capelet by Glen and Constance.


thank you http://www.outsapop.com


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