Under the sea

Under the sea.
    I would like to talk about my Idea. This is a my work and take a long time for finish. I was sewing last 2 month :P very hard for finish because The colors not divisibly that is why very slow.

My concept Under the sea because I have feeling  enchanted with the colors of the sea.
The colors from nature. We can't find or make up then I was thinking a long time ago When i saw the colors of nature. I love that color and This's colors created the beautiful thing for the world  :):):)  

I've to choose seed bead, coral, shell, charm for the necklace. The colors's my necklace all of them from under the sea I try to choose bead and the material look like the sea and the net I was thinking about fishnet from fisherman lol. I try to do many thing till the last I got my necklace like the picture. :):):)

Red coral


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