Garden of us ^^

Today stay a house alone i don't know ( -..-" ) what i  will do ? When walk around house  Ahh get idea !!! i  think must do the something  then pick statue in front of the house  :(  pale white  come to paint a color  hahaha look nice :):)

haha my love  comes back to home . he really  surprised  because statue has a color

                                                                           <( ̄︶ ̄)/  Wooooooo

very funny !!!

Along time already not do like this ! 
 sometimes  liberate the imagination follow your mind  that can make us discovers oneself !

Give me   small area and  still a child again 
| \(^.^)/ | \(^∇^)/(*^.^) | (o^.^o) 


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